Sunday, January 31, 2010

{photog's fav}

I think it will be fun to frequently pull and post random pictures from the past year or so that I love for whatever reason. Some of which you have probably seen - but, most likely not as you always just get a 'glimpse' as to what the proofing galleries will eventually hold. Some will have stories behind them...others will speak for themselves.

Since it is random, I literally opened a file and went to whatever drew my eyes in. I guess today it was the color. So....summer-y, a pure contrast from what it looks like outside today. This was taken from a very fun wedding in June. Or, was it July - because, it was SUPER hot! But, the wedding party and bride and groom were so much fun! This shot was taken as the bridal party was getting into position for shots after the wedding. We grabbed the bouquet and took a few just lying on the ground.
ps, the night ended with the entire wedding party jumping in the pool - another story for another day... ;)

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