Tuesday, June 29, 2010


beautiful, sweet Ashley! After these bridals got rained out TWICE, we managed to get these on the first day that hit a high of 100 degrees. She never complained once. Here are a few....so hard to choose!!

I had to include this one, this is the shot I thought I heard a rattlesnake (for the record, I have never seen a rattlesnake in my life, thank GOD!) But, it was actually her long veil dragging across some grass/shrub. My heart stopped. But, we had a great laugh!

{congratulations michael + casey / dallas wedding}

It's official! I received the call tonight that I am one lucky girl getting to photograph a super-special day for a girl I love to pieces! Although it is scheduled for 2012 - she is on the calendar. Will see you next week! xoxo!

{jason + ashley are married! / fayetteville, arkansas}

I had sooooo tried to get this up and loaded before they went on their honeymoon - but, it didn't work.

But, here are a random few from a precious day! I was not shocked when I met Jason - he was as sweet as I imagined he would be. I know that these two have a lifetime of happiness and love ahead of them.

It was a beautiful afternoon and evening. The ceremony took place in downtown Fayetteville with the reception at the beautiful Springdale Country Club. I was very honored to be a small part of such an amazing day!

The "first look" - it was total sweetness. He was at a loss of words for a moment I think as she was so stunning and then, the compliments did not stop. You should see the shots where she "twirled" for him. Perfect.

They were unbelievably happy to see each other!!

LOVE this one!

The bridal party was such a blast! And, it was evident that they think the world of Jason and Ashley.

We snuck out for just a few minutes during the reception to catch a few in the beautiful sunset. So pretty!

The girl cannot take a bad picture!

I love, love this shot.......

We put the groom to work on his wedding day! Look at the driver of that golf cart - I'm thinking he was in heaven!

releasing the balloons.....


beautiful and as sweet as she is pretty!

Happy Honeymoon guys!!!! xoxo!


This is a bridal portrait from my sweet Ashley that I have gushed about!! I have had alot of 'technical difficulty' getting any pictures over the last few days to upload. I think I have the kinks all worked out now, so I will be back very soon.

She was stunning the day of bridals.

And, even more so on the big wedding day.

I have ALOT of catching up to do here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{new: reception books}

This is a new product that seems to be replacing the photo mat for well-wishes.

How fun is this??

I love it because if you ever get tired of a large print hanging on your wall - these can be kept within reach, but tucked away nicely if you prefer.


I adore all of the vintage rings! So pretty! I think the last 5-6 brides I've photographed have all had them.

I love, love seeing all of the different rings and styles........

the guys are making very good choices!

{current affairs}

Happy summer everyone!

I am enjoying mine and hope you are as well!

I will be out of the office again this weekend for a beautiful wedding in Fayetteville. I am DYING to show her bridals - so you will definitely need to check back in. If you call me from Friday afternoon on - it may be Sunday evening or Monday morning before I can respond.

As explained in an earlier post - my summer schedule is very limited in order to spend some quality time with my sweet family. My little one starts Kindergarten this year - so I am wanting to soak it all in. Every last ounce of it actually! Although, I have yet to really "feel" the limited schedule as I am busy, busy finishing up the weddings and sessions I've had over the last several weeks. But, I'm getting there. :)

My fall is filled with several weddings and family sessions. I only have room for a few more family sessions, so if you have that in mind - you may want to send me a quick email or call.

And, as far as it seems, looking into 2011 - it is booking with weddings as well. I have approximately 6 openings left. So, if you are thinking.....you may want me to pencil you in until you make your decision.

Also, something I touched on several posts back mentioned "changes to come." I did make a big leap and actually left my full time position at the law firm that I adore in order to keep my life and priorities more balanced. It was a huge, but necessary step for me. The positive impact it will have on the photography will speak for itself I believe. And, although my calendar will be limited to a certain amount of bookings per month - I think it will be a definite win/win situation for all.

And, I cannot close this post without saying a HUGE thank you! The photography aspect of my life has been one of my absolute biggest blessings. I have met families, and brides, and grooms and sweet babies that have left a lasting mark on my heart. Sappy, I know, but so true. I have made dear friendships that will last a lifetime. Something I never take for granted. So, to everyone, thank you again for your support and patience as I am transitioning to make these changes happen!
I appreciate it beyond words!

Monday, June 21, 2010

{beautiful bridals}

It is always so hard to sit on something so beautiful!!
And, then with back to back out of town weddings I am just now getting these up! But this is beautiful Holly who is as sweet as she is pretty. The girl cannot take a bad picture! She makes it very, very easy.....

But here are a few from our bridal session in May - it finally happened when the rain finally stopped. I do not think I had a bridal session that actually occurred on the originally scheduled date this spring. But, the make-ups worked out well!

Monday, June 14, 2010

{beautiful fayetteville wedding}

Another incredible day! This wedding was of the sweet Wes and Haile from NWA. They had a beautiful outdoor wedding at Belle's Gable. Very vintage. Very Haile. And Wes was so incredibly sweet throughout it all. He would simply smile and say, this is for her. So sweet! He will go very far and be very happy with that attitude....

LOVE her shoes!

And, yes....he did very well here too!

A sweet ride - 1902 Mercedes....

The table was covered in gorgeous moss!

Another perfect beginning.......