Monday, February 1, 2010

{super-fun surprise!}

Yea! I just wish it were me! But, I have a "bride" - okay, she's been married almost 4 years, but, she is pulling that packed-away wedding gown and getting all pampered up to do the bridals she wanted....but, didn't get. She is going to surprise her husband. And, to be honest - for the fun of it!
Seriously, what girl doesn't want to get dressed up like a princess, even if it's a "re-dress up"? However, I would have to get a new dress as mine is soooooo incredibly dated - or in other words, ugly. What was I thinking?
But, the beautiful girl I am photographying has a gorgeous gown.....we just need it to turn green out there.....will let you know when I can reveal....

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