Monday, March 15, 2010

{aren't they lovely?}

I'm SOOOO excited! I have my new CD / DVDs designed by the ultra-talented Rachel Byrd Silvestri of RB Graphic Design aka one of my very favorite brides!! I have struggled for months in getting what I wanted on my CDs and DVDs - I had done everything from ordering from large companies, even the lab I use that I love so much - they just weren't "it." Then a light bulb finally went off! So, I contacted Rachel and truly emailed her what I had in mind and voila! Perfection!

They have been ordered and are being shipped! I'm so excited! And, for the brides out there - Rachel designed several of the detailed touches of her own wedding - including beautiful monogramming, signs, etc.

I'll post pictures again in the future to point those out, they were amazing and beautiful as well! I can attest that she is an absolute joy to work with. Her contact information is: Rachel Byrd Silvestri at 501.425.2893. She can also be reached by email at or her website:

Thank you sweet Rachel! I absolutely love them! Now to tackle this long list of CD/DVD orders. :)

The Wedding (below)
The Engagements (below)

The Bridals (below)

All housed in super-cute metal tins.

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Jessica {Finishing Touch} said...

She did a fabulous job as always! I just picked up my latest RB Graphic Design creation and they're fantastic!!!