Sunday, April 11, 2010


Seriously, I do not even have to "narrarate" this session, the pictures will speak for themselves! (and, that is soley from the subject matter, not the photography skills) But, first - thank you Will and Holly! You are both precious, I had so much fun with you and look forward to the upcoming bridals, wedding in Tennesse and the after-wedding session.

Also, I failed to tell you this afternoon, but these images are compressed for the upload, once the gallery is up - they will be much more clear, just fyi....

So playful! It made the session incredible!

Love was definitely in the air and the spring colors just added to it.....

"That" kiss ;)

Nothing says spring better than a southern sweet!

Seclusion in the midst of a busy, busy park. ;)

We had to get some Razorback gear on! And, the fun continued........

Thank you for such an incredible session guys! It is truly an honor.

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