Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{they reminded me how much I adore this}

These little ones have graced my blog/website a time or two. ;) They are precious and they truly helped me kick off the spring season well. Biggest brother: one of the sweetest little guys I know. Scott and I were talking tonight as I showed him some of the edits how it is SUCH a small world! I heard about E long before I ever met his mama. When he was little Scott would see him at his grandparents and would run home and tell me about what a cutie he was. I can attest to that - but, he is as sweet as he is cute. Big and Little Brother: I must admit this little guy shocked me tonight! I told him he didn't make me work for it as hard I as usually do. This little one is "a character" defined. He reminds me of my E. Which is scary as I am afraid those two will be getting into all sorts of things together in the future. I just blame it on the name. Although I did get "a look" a time or two.....he actually made it very, very easy. And, lil' sis: what can I say here? I was lucky enough to witness her first breaths! Still makes my eyes tear up!! Whereas I didn't know the first two when they were so tiny - I've witnessed it all with her. Although she is all girl, I'm thinking she rules the roost. But, there is no doubt that she has her two big brothers TOTALLY wrapped!
And, M - you are getting an entire post to yourself tomorrow! ;)
But, I am about to load the sneak peek to the website, under Galleries. Hope you enjoy! They just make me smile!

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