Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{so lucky!}

I met my amazing bride tonight!! Finally! After our recent rain-outs who would have EVER thought the temperature would hit 100.0 degrees today. The 2nd day of June? It was crazy. But, we were thankful for the breeze as it saved us, especially poor Ashley in her dress! It is so hard to keep these under wraps as I've peeked at them on my camera. She is one amazing girl. I can't wait to meet Jay.

It is funny how she found me. I love those stories, because you never know. But, one of her friends had attended my beautiful Rachel's wedding and had my information programmed into her phone. She shared it with Ashley and the rest is history! I had to do a little rearranging to my schedule and am I so thankful I did. She was all and more I imagined she would be! Beautiful inside and out!

We had so much fun between me thinking I heard a rattlesnake. Don't ask, I didn't. But, we got a great laugh! I pulled it together in time to capture her great laugh on camera. :) Mine was a mixture of heart failure and laughter that I was still alive. Then, I saved her from a big bee and a horse fly that got tangled in her beautiful veil. Two different occurences. And, finally, had to chase them out of our vehicle. Seriously??

Her wedding will be in Fayetteville in just a little over 3 weeks, so excited! She was such a beautiful joy tonight. Can't wait to show her off!