Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{almost blown away}

I told this precious couple that prior to shooting their Dallas wedding, I would be increasing
my life insurance policy.   This was Round 2 for engagements.  Our initial session got stormed out about 30+ minutes into it and when they came home for Christmas, I was sick. 

And, yesterday, although I made the call to move it up earlier because of the chance of rain {we were only in a mild risk for severe weather}....a huge rotating funnel snuck up on us in a big way.   Total traffic gridlock.  As cars upon cars were trying to make it to the interstate to go south away from the wall truly felt like a movie.  One no one cared to attend.     Thankfully all in our area were safe.  And, praying for those that were hit today by that same storm system and those still in line for it.

Needless to say, I'm thinking Michael and Casey will always have a story to tell about their
session{s}.  Now we need it to dry up in a big way for bridals that are set for Friday.   And, of course
the big day in August!!  

Love you guys!  

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