Monday, September 3, 2012

{our farewell to summer}

I am always lacking in the department of photographying
the boys.  Sad, but true.  I carry a camera so often that it becomes
very easy for me to keep it zipped up when not on a shoot.
So tonight, I focused on them and a new location I carved
out here on the farm this weekend that has YUMMY lighting!  

Although, I snuck a couple of sessions in during the last two weeks
- tomorrow officially begins my fall calendar. My crazy, busy
fall calendar. :)   I have edited so many sessions/weddings over
the past week {that I am resizing and loading and organizing
into the website for viewing}, prepared new locations here at
the farm {honestly, I can barely move and am so sunburend
as it was me in the pasture mowing paths and areas for five+ hours yesterday}, new branding & packaging, , the wrap up of the new studio, readjusting  the family to back to school life, prepping for the new season, tweaking the workflow to be more efficient and provide  better customer service, etc., etc, and trust me, etc.;} 
I am excited for all of the new details
I will be implementing! In addition to all of the above, I have
hired an assistant, Sheila, that is helping me more than I can ever say.But, she is much more than an "assistant" as she is also my dear
sister-in-law. She has been such a blessing! For now, she is handling most of the invoicing and paperwork along with some client contacts, but will be phasing in much more as we progress into the calendar. So where I would love to be behind the camera 24/7 and because she is AMAZING business wise, it has been a perfect match!


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