Monday, February 1, 2010

{THE finishing touch}

I know that I have shouted her praises before, but, felt it was time to do so again. Actually, I could never sing them enough! She is just that great. But, with the influx of wedding inquiries since the Bridal Fest and even those completely unassociated it is the perfect time to make this post. Even for those brides and grooms that I have had to immediately (& unfortunately) turn away due to already having that day reserved & for those that may just come to my site and just "browse" - I wanted to provide you with this information as well. I have worked with Jessica and seen this amazement (and her team) in action.....there really are no words to describe what she can bring to your day. If it were me, and I were in your shoes......before I booked anyone, I would be phoning Jessica. She is lovely, professional, efficient, ingenious, well, I could go on and on. I just so think it is worth a call - no matter the range of your budget - to see what services she can provide you within that budget. I really think that she, along with what she has to offer is actually a wise investment into your day. So, without further ado......the wildly talented, Jessica Kersey may be reached at 479.414.4136 and you can visit her site at And, she has no clue this post is being written. :)

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