Thursday, May 6, 2010

{Celebrating Adoption}

These pictures have been planned FOREVER. And, I think we were rained out 2 or 3 times, had no openings, sick kids, etc. But, we FINALLY got them and I'm so happy we did! This is the absolute sweetest family ever. Daddy didn't get to join us, but hopefully he will next time. These precious angels were so prayed over in their journey to their mommy and daddy and it thrilled my heart to see them together. I honestly teared up on the mommy and me pictures - there is no doubt that these babies were always meant to be with J & A. Such a blessing for all four of them!


They both have AMAZING eyes! Unbelievable.

They are total doll babies and were so fun! They did such a good job despite me being in their face all night. I now know that EK does NOT like bunnies. So, I will never call the bunnies in to view from afar, nor will I call Batman in from the trees. Not a good idea. ;)
The pictures can be viewed better from the website - go to galleries, scroll down until you see EK&J

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