Saturday, May 15, 2010


I've had rain outs (x many!), make-ups, bridals yet to be revealed, several sweet sessions, a major change that will affect AMC in a positive way, rush orders, rush edits, etc....
But, I wanted to post a quick note that I will be back soon! I am about to walk out the door to photograph a beautiful wedding in Oklahoma this evening and then I have a lovely engagement session tomorrow. Monday will be monumental for me in many ways.......after an important appointment with a neurosurgeon in LR for my husband - I will rush back to FS as quickly as possible to photograph loved ones being reunited after serving our country in Afganistan. It is one of the biggest honors of my life and trust me, my tears will be spilling! The weekend is crazy-busy, so if messages and emails are sent, I will respond as quickly as I possibly can!
Have a great weekend! I hope to come up for air soon. {wink!}

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