Thursday, September 16, 2010

{grant + sara / fort smith engagement}

This is such a sweet couple! Grant & Sara will be getting married in March at a Fort Smith church with their reception taking place at Hardscrabble Country Club. And, they have the wonderful event planner, Jessica Kersey (the bride's SIL) so, there is no doubt it will be nothing less than spectacular!

I had alot of fun with this couple especially in giving Mr. Grant a hard time! He was a great sport with the fact I constantly wanted to call him by another name??? I'm still not sure where that came fun. But, we all had a lot of laughs throughout the evening and I very much look forward to working with this lovely couple!

Here are a few with so many more to go through - ones that I haven't even had a peek at yet!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!!

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