Friday, October 1, 2010

{Richie + Tara + Family}

I am still having major uploading issues as well as an overloaded website once again! In saying all of that, Tara has had to wait much longer than normal for her sneak peek! So sorry! So, I am just adding on here and have added more on the website, under galleries, then Richie + Tara.

Lil' man celebrated his 1st birthday two days after we took these pictures. So sweet! All of the kids were beyond great for this session. I was very impressed! All were so sweet and patient as I raced around to different locations...once again, we outlasted the sun! But, I had a great time! The sneak contains just a FEW of all that we took!

also, I forgot to mention Tara, both here and the website, the images are very compressed....but, in reality the pictures are very sharp and clear. :)

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SheWolf said...

Shannon, I LOVE them!!! Well worth the wait! Weston in the back of the truck with the guitar is SOOOO awesome!!! Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks again for all the racing and running--phenomenal pics!!! You are such an absolute sweetheart! Loved working with ya!