Friday, October 1, 2010

{brice + leslie / fayetteville, arkansas engagement}

Okay. I am already totally smitten with this couple! The anticipation is always a great thing after you hear from so many different people on how wonderful the couple is and how you will absolutely love them. Always a great thing. I had no disappointment, let me tell you! They are amazing! And, I am so happy and blessed that they chose me......

I have had an enormous amount of difficulty at the computer beginning last night with no Internet service to no electricity today. So, I simply added one here while it is all working and I quickly uploaded the sneak peek to the website, under Galleries......scroll all the way to the bottom to "Brice and Leslie".
I had a WONDERFUL time, even though we had some disappointment with the BB&B overtaking Dickson Street. But, the beautiful Matt Lane Farms more than made up for it!
I am very much looking forward to working with this couple between now and their June 2011 wedding! xoxo!

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