Thursday, March 3, 2011

{spring cleaning}

I am waaayyyyy past ready for spring here!

Every day as I scour the fields and my favorite shooting locations, I see a
few more blooms on trees, flowers popping up and the grass getting greener
day by day.    I glanced over my calendar and found that I have no open weekends
until.......ARE YOU READY........{because I wasn't}......


And, that is with me working heavily on weekends with very
few actually scheduled off.  

I am beyond stunned myself.  Thankful, but stunned.  

My weekday schedule is already busting at the seams for
spring.   I may be able to sqeeuze 2-3 in for April and May, June has
approximately 4 openings, July 3 openings and August 3 as well.  I'm going
to hold off just a bit before I begin scheduling for the fall season. 

For the first time ever, I am seriously contemplating opening for
morning sessions as a way to accommodate additional clients.

So, if you are THINKING you may want to have a session over
spring or summer; I cannot encourage you enough not to hesitate.  I am
super-excited to be utilizing some new areas, new ideas and
seeing both old and new clients! 

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