Monday, September 27, 2010

{photog's favorite}

When I shoot, I pretty much know what I'm getting as I go. If you ask to see my camera preview, I shudder, because what you see is not likely what I see. And, although for the most part, I know what I will find.....I love it when I come across a little surprise. This sweet one was very quick and did not like to be away from mommy's arms....but, so happy we got this precious one before she realized she was back on the blanket. :)

And, in all honesty, I could post a ton of her brothers as well! Such cutie pies!

I may just have to do that!

{ps...preliminary edit only, background to be edited if printing is needed, but wanted to show her off! precious baby girl!}

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Ashhog said...

My favorite picture! Just brings tears to my eyes....thank you!!